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2nd September
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Eight fetishes that are weird actually occur. Also Christian Grey would find these fetishes strange.

Some strange desires that are sexual such as for instance dendrophilia for intimate attraction to trees and avisodomy for making love with birds — may appear because fictional as a web page from “50 Shades of Grey, ” however they are entirely genuine.

Listed here is a glance at eight of the very shocking fetishes:


Dendrophilia — sexual attraction to trees — provides tree-hugging to an entire brand new degree.

Making love having a tree seems logistically challenging, as you would expect. But, as ny intercourse therapist Dr. William Picker explained, being stimulated by way of a tree will not suggest sex that is having it.

“I do not understand about drilling a gap in a tree and sticking a person’s member that one can’t enjoy having sex next to a tree, enjoying a tree, while touching the bark, ” he said in it but that doesn’t mean. (more…)