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4th January
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You are feeding kittens what they need during each stage of growth

Nutrition Tips For Your Kitten

  • The mother cat should be feeding kittens during the first 4 weeks of life, or you should use a special commercial milk-replacer formula every 2-4 hours if the kitten has been separated from its mother as we briefly discussed above, proper kitten nutrition includes modifying the diet to ensure.
  • From 3-5 months of age, feeding kittens involves offering the milk-replacer formula in a shallow dish to encourage weaning from a container. You may also include a moist, effortlessly chewable diet composed of a combination of warm milk-replacer and quality canned or dried kitten food 4-6 times each day.
  • By 5-8 days of age, your kitten will be able to chew a unique meals, and you ought to give a protein saturated and power filled diet, with feedings happening 3-4 times daily. There are lots of kinds of kitten meals available, therefore we wish to talk about these nutritional options with you at your following veterinary visit. Typically we advice canned food as it will mimic the normal diet both in consistency and formula. But, a healthy diet may additionally contain a mix of canned and dry pet meals.
  • After half a year of age, kittens must be given 2-3 times each day.

Feeding kittens the right meals in the best quantities, and also at the best times through the day is vital for pleased, healthier and growing kitties. Our veterinary staff will be pleased to talk about the appropriate eating routine for the kitten at the next veterinary visit. (more…)