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4th January
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Just just exactly How safe is dental intercourse? I am aware you are a urologist and have a tendency to respond to questions for males.

Nevertheless, i really hope you will help me personally to resolve some issues we have actually about intercourse.

i will be 22 years of age and began heading out with my boyfriend when it comes to final months. Things are getting in really well we are a “bit physical” between us, and.

Don’t misunderstand me, we now have perhaps maybe perhaps not started having intimate relationship, nevertheless, we began having sex that is oral.

My boyfriend is thinking about oral intercourse, nonetheless, following the very first time of providing dental intercourse, I am maybe not yes i must say i enjoyed it up to him.

the issue is, i must say i think the men’s private components are not at all times neat and we be worried about hygiene issues. Besides, In addition be concerned about intimately sent infections!

we attempted to speak with my boyfriend concerning this. He said dental intercourse is not sex, and there’s no chance of sexually transmitted illness.

i will be so sorry to place Dr G at that moment, but can you make clear whether dental intercourse is genuine intercourse?

can there be in any manner of getting sexually transmitted infections from oral intercourse? Besides, can there be any protection available?

Oral sex is theoretically a type of sexual intercourse. This requires the stimulation regarding the genitalia utilizing the lips, particularly the lips, tongue, neck or teeth. (more…)