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25th December
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Bride-to-be price payment is a sex problem with implications on sex relations in various contexts that are socio-cultural.

Dan K Kaye

1 Makerere University health class, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

It impacts Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In a qualitative research on the perceptions of domestic physical violence in Wakiso region, re re payment of bride cost emerged among the key facets related to domestic physical violence. The research explored experiences, motivations, definitions, consequences and health that is reproductive of bride cost payment in Wakiso region Uganda.

10 single-sex focus team talks and 14 in-depth interviews had been carried out in Wakiso and Nangabo sub-counties, Wakiso region from July 2003 through March 2004. Information had been analyzed by thematic content analysis, assisted by Simple Text computer computer software for information retrieval.

Participants identified bride cost as showing that a lady had been ‘bought’ in to the guy’s home, which paid off her household decision-making functions. It restricted ladies’ independency and perpetuated unequal gender energy relations, specially regarding behaviour that is health-seeking.


Bride-to-be price re re payment is a factor that is contextual the city in Wakiso District, Uganda, regarded as connected with domestic physical physical violence, with severe intimate and reproductive wellness implications.


Historically, gift change is an integral that is important of wedding rites and ceremonies in African tradition. It involves change of materials or cash from the guy’s to the girl home, but methods vary between communities. Generally in most, it really is males people whom take part in conversations that figure out what, exactly how much and exactly how this kind of re payment is manufactured. (more…)