23rd September
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How come Latina females have therefore jealous whenever you date their guys?

I am a white girl dating a Dominican guy and yesterday we decided to go to their community to meet up with their parents. We have blond locks and blue eyes and We demonstrably do not seem like your avarage Latina. I obtained the DIRTIEST appears ever. One girl stated something in Spanish to my bf whenever we had been approaching their house, provided him a kiss and hug. I endured here and smiled and she provided me with a glare that is strange we had been on our means. Their sibling’s were really standoff and contains around three kids operating around. They appear to have a taste towards me personally but she quickly called them over along with them around her. My bf’s daddy ended up being extremely flirtatious beside me in the beginning and called me gorgeous and their mother had been extremely nice. Most time, they talked in Spanish and I also felt isolated. Exactly why are Latin women therefore jealous? Btw, my bf is quite handsome, and makes money that is decent he works well with law enforcement department.

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Some Latinos (coming from my experience & I also dated a Latin man & I am white too & I was always treated very disrespectful by Latin women & his family.I think it’s just ignorance & also because most Latinas think they are prettier than everyone that’s just how they are & they get upset when they have competition especially when it’s not a Latina as you can see by some of the answers)are racist & Because Latinas are competitive especially with woman that are pretty. (more…)