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31st July
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Cuddle Party …. Is about communicating, touching (with authorization) and achieving a time that is good.

We people require affection and touch. It is not any longer a concern. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is healthy for you. Advantageous to the human body, heart and character. Beneficial to your blood pressure levels, your stressed system, your psychological wellness. Best for your capability to feel great about your self yet others, your creativity, your feeling of safety and convenience and belonging.

We people require touch that isn’t about intercourse.

Wait – WILL THERE BE any such thing?

Needless to say there is certainly!

Cuddle Party is really a motion to reclaim this method within our everyday lives.

I am Paul Cooperstein and my intention in becoming a professional Cuddle Party Facilitator would be to help everyone in bringing more psychological and real touch into their life. Life is simply too quick and thus most of us can make use of more touch that is safe our everyday lives. People who are solitary for therefore reasons that are many feeling isolated e.g. Divorce or separation, breakups, deaths, and wanting for touch, often not knowing it. The Cuddle Party is spot where it is safe to touch and hold somebody (if you both/all decide to achieve this) and be moved and held too. After assisting several Cuddle Partys I recognize that each celebration may be a spot for individuals to experiment asking for just what they need, changing their minds and stopping or seeking another thing, for providing to the touch another person with techniques which they find comfortable as well as for practicing saying no since well. Cuddle is certainly not a code term for intercourse and “Party” is certainly not a rule term for alcohol and drugs. Garments stick to throughout a Cuddle Party and there’s no intercourse or medications at a Cuddle Party, ever! (more…)